Is a Set Bedtime Necessary?

This is my son’s birthday week.  He’s received a couple of nice gifts in the mail.  He gets hooked on playing with these, whether a toy or video game, until he tires of them or beats the game.

Is a Set Bedtime Necessary?

Often in our home there is no bedtime.  We go to sleep when we are tired.  It’s a basic concept but imposed bedtimes have pushed it into obscurity- almost.

As homeschoolers we have a great opportunity to step away from the often times stifling norm.  Stifling to passionate knowledge seeking and creativity.

I remember being completely engrossed in a project all day when I would be told I must go to bed. I wonder what I missed during the arbitrary measure of bedtime.

Nowadays, if I see the kids doing anything that’s absorbing, I try not to disturb -especially with reminders of rituals like its time for bed.  It seems my son learns a lot during these moments.

A friend of ours is an engineer and he is constantly commenting that some of his best work came about in the middle of the night, when he “should” have been in bed.

In my son’s case, in several instances, we have seen wonderful results from our flexible schedule. At least three intricate and detailed layered paintings, stories, Lego projects etc.

The quiet ideas and thoughts that are the fruition of uninterrupted time are the harder to show but unexpectedly sighted when he makes a comment or observation that just makes us stop and think. This is worth the questions we sometimes get when visitors note our kids are still up when most children are slumbering.

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