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Homeschool CraftsIf you are homeschooling preschool or elementary-aged children, you’re probably doing a lot of activities to supplement the lessons. Subjects such as science and social studies especially lend themselves to creative ideas. If you are looking for a new craft idea for your children, try one of these sites:

This site features more than 1100 original crafts as well as homemade gift ideas. The homepage is full of links for green crafts, holiday crafts, and more.

It features craft ideas for every age. Under the link marked “Kid’s Crafts,” you’ll find seasonal and holiday ideas as well as projects to do on rainy days.

This site is designed as a resource for both parents and teachers — an ideal site, then, for home educators! Here you’ll find thousands of coloring pages, crafts, and lesson plans.

This site is simple to navigate and fun to use. You’ll find crafts for every season, as well as nature crafts, holiday crafts, and coloring pages.

At, you’ll find preschool and elementary school craft ideas along with printables to supplement your lessons. The crafts can be made with items commonly found around the home. Although you have to pay for an annual membership to use everything on the site, many items are offered free to any visitor.

This website is as rich in content as Family Fun magazine. The site contains hundreds of ideas for crafts, recipes, and more.

It was created for parents and teachers of young children. The site features preschool activities including coloring pages as well as crafts and lesson plans.

Another site with some great craft ideas for students. It does have distracting pop-ups and other ads, but if you can work your way through them, it’s another good resource.

Lessons become more memorable when hands-on work is involved, so check out the sites, pull out your craft box, and get your kids creating!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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