Language and Thinking for Young Children

Language and Thinking for Young Children

Language and Thinking for Young Children by Ruth Beechick and Jeannie Nelson is a wonderful oral language resource for homeschooling parents of children in preschool, kindergarten, or the early elementary grades. Designed as a full year’s course, this single book contains ideas and activities that can be adapted both for very young children as well as older children who are not yet reading.

The manual is divided into eight different units: Stories, Vocabulary and Thinking Skills, Language Games, Memorizing, Learning About Telephones, Enjoying Poetry, Manners, and Learning on Trips. Each unit begins with a list of teaching objectives. For example, the objectives for the Stories unit include building vocabulary, adding to the child’s knowledge of things and ideas, building an understanding of cause and effect and sequencing, and more. Objectives for the Language Skills section include learning to form good sentences, to listen attentively, and to organize thoughts. The other sections follow a similar structure.

The second section in each unit gives instructions on how to use the unit. A suggested length of time to spend on the unit is also included. The left-hand side of each page has added white space, allowing for you to make any planning notes. You might also use this space to record the dates the lessons are completed.

The last and largest section contains the activities you’ll be doing with your child. Lessons include reading stories; memorizing poems, the days of the week, and the months of the year; playing games such as Simon Says and Twenty Questions; learning how to measure and weigh objects; learning how to answer the telephone as well as how to respond to others using good manners.

If you’re looking for a resource to encourage learning for your little ones, give this book a try. You’ll find it a valuable addition to any early elementary curriculum.

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