Late Night Talks

It’s nine in the morning and my son is still sleeping soundly. My parents would be horrified. On a school day no less!  Everything we had planned for today can be pushed forward for later, tomorrow or the day after that. Oh, the joy of home learning!

Nothing should disturb a sleeping child I believe, because in dreaming, that child solidifies all the knowledge gained thus far. Those dreams also provide fodder for future learning, musings and experiments.

He’s still asleep because last night we had one of our late night talks until the wee hours. It is during these meandering chats that I learn most about my son- his dreams, concerns, hopes, stories, imagination…you name it, it comes up.

I never know when it’s going to take place, but when, almost always around eleven in the evening, he calls out, “Mom? You know what I was thinking…” I run to his bedside beside myself with secret joy that at least one more time, he wants to talk to me.  And I will get to know him even better before he grows up too much to need my opinion.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By jemsweb

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