Learning Accents

My son wants learn different accents. He has a couple down already just from listening to TV shows. Something that I thought was just fun seems to have improved his pronunciation.

Learning Accents

A fun exercise he started on his own is reading out loud using a different accents.  This makes him really read the words and sound them out in different ways.  It helps him inadvertently master his own language. After he reads a paragraph with say a thick Scottish accent, then I ask he read it to me with no accent and to my ear he’s reading has vastly improved.

There are so many accents we have found after some research. Within countries dialects change and so do the accents.  We had fun listening to actress Amy Walker showcase 21 Accents.

There are many resources online that would be helpful. There are DVDs or CDs at the library.  My son wants to learn and perfect a Scottish, French, Australian, Irish, German, Hindi, English and Italian accent.  He’s had great success with these websites:


Australian Edu

Ireland Edu

The following videos on YouTube show how to learn foreign accents. They are a great learning tool.

How To Learn Any Accent Part 1

How To Learn Any Accent Part 2

If you have a smart phone, these apps are free and very helpful for learning accents.

-Blah Blah

Learn how to pronounce words in other languages correctly

-British Accent Lite

Master a European English accent in no time

Homeschool Activities by SmartTutor.com

Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Matt Batchelor

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