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With my oldest child going into the ninth grade next year, I’ve begun a search for a good high school history program. There are quite a few out there, ranging in price from under $100 to several hundred dollars. If you’re also looking for a history curriculum that will fit your schedule and your budget, here are some to consider:

Sonlight (www.sonlight.com) – Courses available include American History, 20th Century World History, and Civics and American Government. Prices range from $400 – $600 for each course.

Tapestry of Grace (www.tapestryofgrace.com) – This plan uses a unit study approach with the history of the world as its core theme. Homeschooling parents can purchase the four plans to follow the four-year cycles; each plan provides lessons and reading recommendations for all of the grades, K-12. High school courses require reading great literature and analyzing ideas and arguments. Prices start around $170 for one full year course.

History Odessey by Pandia Press (www.pandiapress.com) – This program also follows a four-year cycle, covering all historical eras three times throughout a child’s formal schooling. Level 3 is for high school students and includes original writings and classic literature, as well as assignments in persuasive writing and research papers. Prices start around $45.00 for each course book.

Notgrass Company (www.notgrass.com) – This company offers textbooks for the major high school history courses. Books start around $90.00 each. Titles include Exploring World History, Exploring America, Exploring Government, and Exploring Economics.

TRISMS Curriculum (www.trisms.com) – The “Time Related Integrated Studies for Mastering Skills” Curriculum offers four history volumes for high school students, including Discovering the Ancient World, Expansion of Civilization, Rise of Nations, and Age of Revolution. Each one includes language arts, geography, literature, and writing, and costs between $200 and $400.

A Basic History of the United States – Written by Clarence B. Carson, this six-book series presents U.S. History from 1607 to the present day. Intended for reading at the college/adult level, this would be a good choice for more mature students. A teacher’s guide is also available. The complete set costs about $70.00.

Of course, many of these curriculums can be found online or at homeschooling used book sales for a fraction of the price. So check out the publisher’s websites, read reviews, ask your friends, and get ready to find the best curriculum for your family.

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