Learning With Legos

I have a child who loves Legos. In fact, Legos have been a regular staple in our home since my oldest son was about five – almost 15 years ago! My youngest still asks for new sets for his birthday and Christmas. And it’s no wonder! Legos are a lot of fun, and (don’t tell the kids) educational, too!

Our latest Lego discovery was the Lego Movie Maker app for the iPad (or iPhone). This app gives the child everything he or she needs to create their own stop motion videos. It can be time consuming, but what a way to utilize their imaginations!

There are lots of other ideas and resources for Legos online. If you have a house full of Lego blocks, check out some of these sites:

Using Legos In Your Homeschool – This site has ideas on incorporating Legos when teaching math, language arts, history, science, and art.

Lego Printables  – This page has links to 100 Lego printables in math, science, history, language arts, and more.

Printable Lego Money – Print and use this money to teach about money, create a play store, provide rewards, and more!

Lego Math Worksheets – These worksheets look like a lot of fun, and it would be easy to implement the idea using actual Legos.

Measuring with Legos – Practice estimating, measuring, and comparing using Legos.

How to Teach Math Facts With Legos – As a parent of one who is still working on his math facts, I know we’re going to put this idea to use right away!

Greater Than/Less Than Lego Math Game – It’s easy for children to understand greater than/less than with these Lego visuals.

How to Teach the Alphabet with Legos – Neat idea for teaching the alphabet. All you need is some alphabet flash cards, a permanent marker, and some Legos.

Lego Reading Game – Beginning readers learn to read color words with the help of Legos.

Create Your Own Lego Picture Book – Create an original story using Legos for illustrations.

Homemade Lego Instruction Book  – My son enjoys following the instruction books to build what he sees on the box. But if your children like to build their own creations, this is a great way to record – and recreate – them. These step-by-step directions show you how to make a homemade instruction book for those original structures.

Just for Fun: Lego Slime – Create your own slime from two simple ingredients and add Legos!

Don’t forget the free Lego Club Magazine!

What are some of your family’s favorite ways to learn with Legos?

Photos by:  David Luders

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