Lessons on the Go

Lessons on the Go

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time dealing with “life” – those day to day things that come up that you have to take care of but that often interfere with the school day you had planned. When that happens at our house, I find improvisation the key – both to getting the errands done and staying on track with the school lessons.

Homeschool Lessons on the Go

If you’re in a season where life’s demands are keeping you on the go, here are some ideas you can try:

Bring the schoolwork with you: We live about fifteen minutes from the nearest town, so when we go somewhere, it usually takes us from 20 – 30 minutes just to get there. My kids have learned to pack up their backpacks and bring the work with them – there’s plenty of time to get things done in the car.

Purchase educational CDs to play in the car: There are lots of CDs out there with songs, rhymes, and stories kids can learn by. There are CDs about the alphabet, states and capitals, multiplication tables, U.S. presidents, even common bird songs. Some curriculums also offer CDs along with the textbooks, such as the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer. They can listen to their lessons instead of reading them.

Listen to books on CD: We get our books on CD from our local library, and there are many to pick from. Choose books you might read aloud at home and listen to them together in the car instead.

Turn your errands into field trips: Picking up something from the post office? Don’t just bring your children inside with you, show them around! Show them where the mail is sorted, where the post office boxes are, and how they can buy stamps from the machine. Getting a prescription filled? Explain to your children what a pharmacist is and how he does his job.

Even when life gets busy, your children will still be learning!

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