As I have mentioned in the past, my adventurous boy loves treasure hunting. We have been avid geocachers for about a year. Recently, a friend turned us onto something similar and just as fun called Letterboxing. It is, like in geocaching, a treasure hunting game/ sport which uses clues written online by other Letterbox enthusiasts to find a hidden box or treasure!

This is what you need to play:

– Letterbox clues- www.atlasquest.com or www.letterboxing.org

– Journal- preferably small (4” x 6”),unlined, to collect stamped images from each Letterbox you find

– Rubber stamp-  This will be your “signature stamp” that you use to stamp with in the logbook that you find in the treasure box. You can make your own stamp or you can buy one. Some just stamp their fingerprint in the logbook instead.

– Pen- use it to sign your name or your ‘handle’ (or alias as my son likes to point out) the date, the city you are from, and an optional personal note in the logbook you find.

– Ink Pad- for stamping

We have only completed one so far. We found the clues online, and hunted down a box which contained a logbook and a rubber stamp of a building.  We stamped the building in our journals. Then we signed into the logbook and added our own stamps (dragonfly for me and a cheetah for him). This logbook went back three years and had really cool stamps.  Then we put the box back.

On the drive home, I asked my son which he liked better, geocache or Letterbox.  He replied that he liked both a lot but that Letterboxing seemed more personal because you had to come up with a stamp that represents you and geocaching was more random because it doesn’t really matter what you leave in the box. I think we will be playing both simultaneously for as long as we can!

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By basykes

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