Life Skills for Kids

Life Skills for KidsAsk any homeschooling mom, and she’ll tell you that teaching children at home involves much more than instruction in academics. Homeschooling is about training your children for life, teaching them all they need to know to function well as adults in their homes and communities. Christine Field’s book, Life Skills for Kids, can help homeschoolers do just that.

Filled with advice and ideas for a practical life education, Field covers fourteen different topics for teaching toddlers through high schoolers. She emphasizes that what the children learn at home will transfer to the working world when they are grown. The relationship skills they master within the family, such as problem solving and communication, will naturally help them when they marry and start families of their own.

Teaching your children organization skills fills two chapters of the book, as Field offers ideas for managing time and space. For example, maintaining certain time-related rituals, such as meal time, story time, and bed time, can offer both structure to a small child and a break in the day for older kids. Working with your child to de-clutter and organize his bedroom will help provide him with the skills to keep up a home when he’s grown.

Handling money is another topic addressed in the book. Field explains how even very young children can learn to recognize coins and bills, while older ones can understand the concept of earning and wages. Giving children allowances is covered, as well as establishing budgets, balancing checkbooks, understanding insurance, and buying on credit.

And that’s not all. The book also covers people skills, such as resolving conflicts; home management, including fixing and maintaining items in the house; decision-making; creativity; and celebration skills. Life Skills for Kids is a great resource for any parent — one that I’m going to read again and again.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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