Little One Underfoot

If you had told me five years ago that I would be a mother, a homemaker, a homeschooling mom, a writer and an artist with children around, I would have laughed.  But that is how it is and I manage to accomplish what I do with my children alongside me.

We spend the most time in the kitchen or nearby. Early on, I decided I would soon have to not just child-proof my home again, but make it a fun, learning environment for our little girl, now a toddler. She loves to mimic all I do so I set up a space for her to do it.

First, to create a place all her own, I took the door off one floor cabinet and emptied it. The shelf I moved to her waist level so she’s able to use it as a surface to play on. I placed cleaning rags, a spray bottle with water and mild soap, and a mini dust broom and scoop. On the bottom part of the shelf, in a plastic Tupperware, I put old measuring spoons,cups, muffin tins, spatula, small pan with cover and some small containers. I got all this from garage sales and Freecycle (yahoo group).

I also cleared one shelf in the fridge for her easy access. There I placed ready-to-eat snacks in safe plastic plates and cups for her to access when she wants.

Last, I set up a washtub and various size containers for her on the floor on top of a thick absorbent towel for spur-of-the-moment pouring practice.

While she happily plays and my son reads, writes or plays nearby, I am able to accomplish loads.

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