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There are wonderful places to explore right where we live. Museums, zoos, state parks, wild beaches, galleries, lakes, trails, mangroves, marshes, sports events among others.  It’s an amazing feeling to see and experience these things in person.

Part of our homeschooling routine includes almost daily trips because the first hand experiences seem to garnish the best sort of learning. For example, when we visited a local zoo and rehabilitation center, my son watched the apes for a long, long time. How they moved, how they interacted, etc.  He was truly fascinated. When we got home, he went to his room and pulled out his trusty encyclopedia and looked up monkeys and apes. Later on that night, during dinner, he regaled us with all that he had learned from his readings. However, I am positive the sudden interest and fact finding had been prompted-no, inspired- by his watching these wonderful mammals in action live, with his own eyes.

For a long time, I have bemoaned all that we have not been able to see with our own eyes because of distance, inaccessibility or limited funds.  One day recently, my son asked,” Mom, what are the northern lights?”. I started to explain but realized even my most inspired, descriptive words would not do it justice. Instead of just wishing we could take a trip to see it, we looked it up online and found a LIVE stream of the northern lights ( We watched. Once. Twice. Three times. Breathtaking every time. I’m sure it still doesn’t surpass standing under such a sky but it comes pretty darn close! After more watching and fact finding in his encyclopedia, my son declared, “I want to go to Alaska!” and proceeded to inform me of the various wonders to be found there.

So, it doesn’t have to be in your neighborhood so you can experience it. We have now watched via LIVE stream:

Wild Eagle Nest



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