Location, Location, Location!

My son’s favorite announcement is “I’m bored!”

What he doesn’t know is that sometimes, I am too!  Over the years changing up our learning location  has been the very thing that we needed to get some perspective.

Whenever we’ve hit a block, my son is out of sorts or I’m just not feeling so great, our back plan is “Let’s escape!” We are transformed from grumpiness, boredom etc. to giggles of excitement.  Without a single plan in place, today’s learning experience can instantaneously become an adventure that will leave a joyful memory for you both to cherish.

We have held our ‘class’ in our backyard,the beach, local and not so local state parks, among others. These locations are always inspirational. Something about communing with nature refreshes the mind and spirit.

We have also camped and held our homeschooling session in a cabin, by the fire or on a bench next to our tent.

We have spent the entire day learning in our pj’s, in our bedrooms, breaking to eat breakfast foods we made from scratch.

The most memorable location was a marsh we trekked through to emphasize a science lesson. I am not the most athletic person but my son inspired me to take a chance on what turned out to be a true wilderness experience.

Yup…we got lost! What a crisis for we were far from a main road,had very little water and no food. Oh and no cell phone service!  I know- the stuff of nightmares. As I became more and more agitated, I tried to muster some semblance of control to comfort him but I quickly realized the cool one was him.  He confidently led the way as we carefully retraced our steps back. We were soon on our way home with a new appreciation for our kitchen table and one really great memory.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By cambodia4kidsorg

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