Long Distance Relationships

My husband is a big kid with my son. He’s the one that gets down on the floor and plays with him, will spend hours discussing the ins and outs of a video game, will wrestle with my son until they are both giggling. He is the fun parent most of the time. I can be fun too but it’s nice to have this balance.

Well, my husband is on a two month business trip. The first couple of weeks were not terrible, but with a newborn, fun has taken a backseat and my son is feeling it the most.

He misses the jovial carefree parent and everything in his day seems lacking from that perspective.

A few nights ago, I realized I needed to use my husbands absence not as a detractor in our homeschooling, but as an asset. So I started a list of fun things my son and husband can do together despite the distance:

-video chats on the PC

-playing computer game in network together -read a bedtime book over the phone -have my son lead my husband in exploring of the city he’s staying in -Write snail mail to each other -make a handmade present for when he comes back

We already started to do some of these. The one my son seems to really like is the video chat. When the computer “rings” he shrieks in anticipation and rushes to “answer” it.  He has my husband use the camera to show him his hotel room, the contents of the mini bar etc. What I notice too is my son taking a real interest about how the camera works and to think of other cool ways to use it. In all, it’s a relief to have the fun parent back if only on screen.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Dan Harrelson

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