Love Notes

I say I love you often.  My children know I am grateful to be their parent. I say it without restraint.  Recently, I began compounding that message by giving my children cards and notes expressing my deep love and appreciation for them.

These written words express my love, encouragement, appreciation and understanding. It is like an ongoing conversation, one that allows for open communication.  In writing these love notes, I can carefully reflect on my message, choose my words carefully to make sure my message is clear enough for them to understand.


For example, when my son helps me with a chore or completes a task without complaint, I write a thank-you note and I post it somewhere in his eye level.


My love notes are delivered via various methods: sticky notes, on their pancakes in syrup, on the steamy bathroom mirror, in snail mail etc.


Recently, I was impatient and hurt my son’s feelings.  I wanted to apologize but doing so verbally would be done in haste and maybe sound like rote.  So I opted for an apology note. I wanted him to know how sorry I was and that I hoped to be a more patient mom.


I find with these notes I am also letting them know how special they are to me. I am also imparting an appreciation for the written language.  I use flowery language and often, words that they will have to look up. I also feel I’m teaching them it’s important to take time to show appreciation and make amends to those they love.


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