Loving Math

These past few months, I have found some great resources to help my son in gaining more strength and confidence in math. For years, it felt like I was pushing math concepts at a wall. It was very frustrating and discouraging for both of us.

I’m beginning to see, as I read more and look at all the paths that are available to us, that math is everywhere and it can be fun. Most importantly, I have to let go of my own fear and anxiety regarding math to be able to guide my son.

Recently, I started collecting a lot of math things in our house like geoboards, tanagrams, geometrical blocks, metric scales all other types of rulers and measuring tools. Even some Montessori tools including numerical rods and the subtraction snake game. My son will play with most of these, as he eats or sits around and will sometimes ask how they work creating opportunity for impromptu math learning.

Here are some of the other resources- I approached these with an open mind and we have benefited.

How to Homeschool Math-even if you Hate Fractions by Robin Padron

Family Math by Jean Kerr Stenmark

This is an interesting article about an interested child who freely chooses to learn is able to learn the equivalent of years of school math in a few months.

Living Math Yahoo Group

Tutorials at Kahn Academy

Math and physics in many computer games in Armor Games, a free website.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By jimmiehomeschoolmom

Homeschooling Reading Curriculum by SmartTutor.com

Story Time – Stories for Kids


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