Making Music

The relaxed days of summer are a good time for children to try new things. If you’re child has an interest in learning a musical instrument, this might just be the season to start.

Studies have linked listening to music (particularly Mozart’s compositions) and playing music to an increased ability in spatial reasoning, the type of reasoning used when working on math or drawing. Adding music study into your curriculum also helps develop your child’s confidence and self-discipline.

If you don’t play a musical instrument yourself, don’t worry. There are many ways to find a music teacher for your child. Here are a few resources to consider:

  • Family Members: Do you have relatives living close by? Is there a family member in your town who is proficient in playing a musical instrument? If he doesn’t already teach lessons, ask if he would consider starting out with your child.
  • Friends: Ask your homeschooling friends if they play a musical instrument. Many times people will play while in school, then stop when they have families to take care of. Encourage your friend to pull out her instrument, dust it off, and give teaching a try. If you don’t have the funds to pay for the lessons, ask your friend if she will consider bartering her services; perhaps you could cook her a meal on lesson day, or help with babysitting or lawn care.
  • Members of the Local Orchestra: Many larger cities have an orchestra or community band. Ask around to see if any of the members give private lessons.
  • Music Store Employees: The music store in our town offers lessons for beginners on many instruments. If there’s a music store in your area, check to see if lessons are available there as well.
  • High School and College Students: If your child is just beginning to play an instrument, consider hiring a student teacher. Ask the band director or department chair for recommendations.

With so many options, you can help your child start making music in no time!

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