Maps of War

My younger brother is a Navy officer and my son is always wondering about the time he was deployed to Iraq.  My son is interested in war history in general but this war I have had a hard time explaining, so I researched some tools online.  Enter Maps of War.

The Maps of War site is a collection of eclectic and creative visuals that can increase the viewer’s understanding of war and its related history.  My son was able to “see” the history of the Middle East in a little over a minute!

A collection of flash presentations illustrate geo-political aspects of war and religion. It’s a great supplement to our American History unit study. For example, animations show:

-the spread of world religions over time and over a world map.

-the American death tolls associated with each U.S. conflict

-which President and political party is associated with each war

-the various political entities that have held power and land in the Middle East

The unbiased and factual animations are visually striking and engaging. As a facilitator I found it easy to bring in more context with each map. I also found opportunities to discuss other implications of some of the information we were seeing.  For example, we noted that there have been more casualties in wars under Democratic Presidents.

We have a projector and the animations held up to enlarged presentation.

The animations can be streamed from the site or downloaded.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By  foto.bulle

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