March 4, 2009 is World Math Day!

Over 287,000 students and over 20,000 schools from around the world are participating today in World Math Day. The purpose of this totally free world event is to use mental arithmetic games to promote numeracy and unite students from across the globe. The goal for this year is to correctly answer more than 182,445,169 math questions in 48 hours.

Students age 5 through 18 are eligible to participate. Each game lasts 60 seconds. Students can play against each other and there is no limit as to how many games they can play. All they need to do to participate is register at the World Math Day website: And this year there is an exciting new feature: World Math Day 2009 has gone mobile. The games are available on the iPhone and iTouch!


    March 6, 2009

    It All Adds Up, Almost 2 Million Students Unite from 204 Countries to
    Set a New World Record.

    White Plains, NY – March 6, 2009 – Event organizers have announced that a new world record was set on World Math Day 2009 with a record number of students and homeschoolers correctly answering 452,681,681 questions during the event held this week, breaking last year’s record of correctly answering 182,455,169 questions.

    Kaya Genc, an 11-year-old student from the land ‘downunder,’ Australia, correctly answered 129,106 arithmetic questions in 48 hours, to take home the title of World Math Day Champion for 2009. Kaya triumphed over more than 1,952,879 million students from 204 countries to take home this year’s global title.

    After he was given his winning news, Kaya said, “Wow! I can’t believe I’ve beaten the whole world! I’ve been working hard practicing and preparing for the event, so I’m happy all the hard work has paid off.”

    Peter Walters, Chief Executive Officer of 3P Learning USA, event organizers, said, “We have had an outstanding response to the event this year with almost 2 million students, from all corners of the globe. It’s well beyond anything we imagined possible when the event first began 3 years ago. In 2007 and 2008, on average students who participated in World Math Day had improvement of 30% in mental math speed and accuracy”.

    The event has become the world’s largest annual educational event. Students compete in real time against other children using the World Math Day website and online program, playing 60-second games during which they answer as many mental arithmetic questions as accurately and as fast as they can.

    For the second year running, Cartoon Network, the leading kids television channel, has lent its support in promoting the event and encouraging kids to take part.

    This year 3P Learning, creators of World Math Day and the flagship learning platform LiveMathBowl, are also donating $3 from every LiveMathBowl license sold before the 10th of March to UNICEF.

    More information is available at

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    2009 World Math Day Champion Kaya Genc and 3P Learning Chief Executive Officer Peter Walters are available for interview.

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