We have a fellow homeschool family friend whose home is A ranch with lots of acreage.  Recently, she invited a bunch of families to help construct a maze on her property.


This was quite an undertaking. There was about seven families involved. Every muscle was used.  Those hay bales were not light!

At first, we asked the kids to get together and design the maze. This was not an easy task as they had to figure out what size maze to fit in a very large outdoor space.  The activity of measuring, estimating and drafting the project brought out everyone’s individual talents.

They had to figure out how many hay bales would be needed.  How wide the passage ways needed to be.  They also figured out the height of the maze and how intricate it would be.  This required some research.  They could have made it very traditional but looking over mazes all over the world really inspired them.

When they were in agreement, all of us, including the adults jumped in and provided some muscle. It was quite an experience to see the leaders in the kids group emerge, planners and future project managers were evident as the day progressed.

They ended up incorporating a very angular puzzle maze and it had only one entrance and one exit.  The goal was to make it to a large room in the middle and then find the way out.

It was a successful learning project and so much fun.  For maze ideas, click here.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By jen_vass

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