Middle & High School Geography Online for Homeschoolers

If you’re looking for a fun (and easy!) way to teach geography, SheppardSoftware.com is a site to bookmark. I was first introduced to the site when my eighth-grader was taking a geography class at our co-op about five years ago. It was very helpful in helping him remember the locations of the all the different countries. But at the time, I didn’t even consider using the site for my younger children.

But all of my kids are using it now. And I have been really impressed by how well they are all doing, especially my ten-year-old. As part of his regular schoolwork, I began assigning him some time on SheppardSoftware. He started with “World Geography”. We looked at the tutorial once, then he went on to Level 1. At this level, a continent or ocean is named, and the child simply clicks on the correct place. He can miss it a couple of times before the correct answer is given.

All I had to do was set up the website, and he got right to work. He played it a couple of times every day for about a week, and by then he had all the information down. We moved on to identifying all of the states in the United States. After just a couple of weeks of trying it once or twice a day, he now only misses one or two. Well, we couldn’t stop there! I’ve added Europe to his list, even though he’s still working on the United States. After just a week, he’s almost done with that one, too.

The games aren’t flashy, but they are definitely effective. My son has learned so much geography in such a short amount of time. The site offers a lot of other games as well. You’ll find math, science, English, and health games, too. But the geography games are still some of my favorites.

What games does your family enjoy playing on SheppardSoftware?

Photo by: Nicolas Raymond

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