Mommy Does the Laundry

Our days are full with projects, day trips, playgroups, errands and chores. Since I am the one that is at home, I take on the responsibility of the housework, cooking and shopping.

One day recently, I was horrified when I overheard my son tell a friend that was visiting,”yeah, when I get old, I’ll get a wife so she can do everything in the house…”

Cue in GASP! By being the one at home with him, had I inadvertently instilled anti-feminist ideals in him?  What about other homeschooling families?  Ninety percent of the ones we knew were led by mothers. Did their sons and daughters (double gasp!)feel the same way my son did? I wonder, is homeschooling inherently anti-feminist?

After taking a poll in our online homeschooling group it was evidently a very common problem. The families that took part in the discussion provided valuable advice on how to handle my aspiring caveman.

Don’t get me wrong. I see nothing wrong with stay at home moms. I am one of them.  Being a proud feminist means I don’t believe someone’s gender should dictate what they can or cannot do.

I quickly devised a plan to rectify this oversight in my son’s education. I began by making a rotating schedule for all chores so that everyone in the family was contributing regardless of gender.  Then for every lesson I found a way to include something about civil rights, gender studies, the feminist movement and the oppression of various people and groups throughout history, making it all age appropriate.

I expect after some time has passed, confining gender roles will have blurred a little so that my newly enlightened little boy will begin to question his original plan ‘to get a wife’ to do his laundry. Instead, I hope he will be capable of taking care of himself until he joins the person who will partner with equally in handling the stuff of life.

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