Money on the Mind? – More Money Making Ideas for Kids!

If your children are like mine, they are always on the lookout for ways to earn a little extra spending money. And with summer just around the bend, they have more time to try new ventures and opportunities. If you have a child who’s too young for traditional employment, you might help him get started with one of these ideas:

Make crafts to sell: If your child enjoys making crafts, she can create items to sell. Hair clips, potholders, soap, candles, greeting cards, beaded jewelry, and key chains — the list of possibilities is endless. If she likes to sew, she could make baby blankets, doll clothes, or hooded beach towels. She can set up a stand at a craft show or flea market, or even place the items on consignment with local craft shops.


Help the environment: Kids can collect aluminum cans from family, friends, and local businesses, then take them to the recycling center to earn some extra money.

Face Painting: If your child likes to paint, he might try face painting at birthday parties or craft fairs. In our area, face painters earn about one dollar for each painting.

Yard Work: My son plans to be doing yard work for his uncle this summer, which could include weeding, trimming hedges, weed-eating, and mowing. These jobs could be done on a regular basis, such as once or twice a week, or just occasionally, such as when the homeowner is away on vacation.

Clipping Coupons: I’ve been trying to save money by using coupons for the past couple of months, but clipping and sorting them can be quite time consuming. This is an ideal job for my eleven-year-old, though, and I pay her for each coupon flier she completes. If you have friends or family members who are also using coupons, your children could clip and sort for them as well.

Work the Family Business: Along the same lines, if you own a business and have basic work your child could do, such as typing labels or sorting files, hire him to lend you hand.

Mother’s helper or babysitter: Younger children could work as a mother’s helper, playing with younger children and keeping them entertained while mom gets work done around the house. Teens can work as regular babysitters to give mom and dad a night out.

Internet Businesses: Even youths can work an Internet enterprise with help and supervision from their parents. They can sell items on eBay, create their own online store, or start a blog with Adsense ads and affiliate links.

A business venture is a great teaching tool for kids — from the planning and preparation stages, to carrying out the work, to learning how to manage earnings — and summer is a great time to do it!

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