Must Have Gadgets for the Homeschooling Family

Homeschooling used to be paper and pencil, maybe a blackboard for the ‘teacher’, and perhaps a couple of textbooks.  Nowadays, homeschoolers are usually on the cutting edge of technology and gadgetry. Many homeschooling moms have expressed some concerns about technology however, I think technology does not hinder homeschooling. It enhances it.

I’m not a techie however I really want to make sure my children are able to use all the latest stuff. Even one or two bug items will keep you and your family up to speed and a makes homeschooling easier. We have saved an entire year for some of these, in itself a grand lesson. Here is a list of some great gadgets to have handy along with what benefits they provide:


-Computers/ Laptop: a way for creating our homeschool forms and worksheets, downloading unit studies, internet access, research, writing, typing, blogging, graphic design, animation, educational software, netflix for watching educational videos and game programming among other uses

-iPad: communication, education, internet access, educational gaming, photography, global/ earth research -XBOX Kinnect: Indoor PE, music, videos, Netflix, plays DVDs -Portable DVD Player: educational videos on the go -Digital Camera: capture our homeschooling journey, portfolio building, creating videos and movies

-Laminator: Ensures study materials and projects last longer -Printer/ scanner: portfolio creation, projects -USB Drive: save large files and transfer from one device to another -Adobe Photoshop: edit photos, create art, graphic design


For more technology homeschooling ideas, check out this helpful ppt.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Ernst Vikne

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