In our homeschool, we use various resources. One, in my opinion, is a pot of gold. Streaming videos from Netflix has proven to supplement our curriculum in a very effective manner. For about $10 a month, we can watch documentaries on subjects we are currently learning about or areas we are just curious about. And movie nights are much more fun for variety and access. Netflix can be accessed via PC, Ipad, Wii, XBox, PS3 and other mediums.


The choices and subjects are vast, and are arranged by subject and recommendation based on what you have watched in the past. When you find something you would like to watch in the future or several times over, you add it to your personal queue. Included in the price is a kids section that is chuck full of age appropriate videos. Here is a list of some of the ones we have enjoyed by subject:


-Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

-The Story of Us

-The Pirate Ships

-China’s Terracotta Warriors

-Crucible of Civilization

-Alexander the Great

-China Revealed

-Forbidden City -Dynasty & Destiny

-The Revolution

-Great Pyramid

-Egypt: Pharaohs


-George Washington: American Revolutionary

-In Search of Beethoven

-Marco Polo

-Here I Stand: Martin Luther

-Lincoln: The Untold Stories

-The Lincoln Assassination

-Paul Revere: The Midnight Rider


-Shark Reef

-Secrets Beneath the Ice

-Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

-The Vanishing of the Bees

-Secret Yosemite

-The March of the Penguins

-Ultimate Cat

-Ocean World/Frozen Seas

-Open Oceans/The Deep

-Seasonal Seas/ Coral Seas

-Tidal Seas/Coasts

-Science of Dogs


-Incredible Human Machine

-Coral Reef Adventure

-400 Years of the Telescope

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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