Night Owls

Our family is made up of night owls. These last few years, going to bed late has taken root.

Night Owls

I find often, the kids seem to be extra alert in the evening, so sometimes I have brought out activities for them to learn from surreptitiously. It’s not a problem since we homeschool, except when we do have activities planned the next day.

In those cases, I do try to build up to a better sleep cycle so they will be alert and happy when we participate in homeschooling events or other outings.

I try the following to get my young kids in a bedtime mood earlier:

-the morning the day before the  activity, wake them earlier than usual as this may encourage an earlier tucking in that night -having bathtime and teeth cleaning earlier, like at 7pm -allow them a little time in pjs -warm milk or apples with peanut butter helps calm them -read a story in bed, listen to quiet music together, or look at old photo albums -discourage TV since it doesn’t help calming them -avoid napping that day- if they do want to nap, make sure it’s not too late in the day

If there are no activities planned, there is really nothing wrong with allowing natural night owls to do their thing. I notice we are all more creative and introspective at night, allowing for some wonderful art and conversations to take place.

If your child is a night owl, don’t despair.  Just set up some great routines and get buy in with your child when activities are coming up. For more on sleep cycles, click here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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