Nursery Rhymes Help Toddlers Learn

A nurse rhyme or song verses can help develop vocabulary and basic math skills  in children in a fun and lasting way.

Nursery Rhymes Help Toddlers Learn

There are so many rhymes we can teach little ones – rhymes on counting, alphabet, animals, fruits, mathematical concepts, such as time, height, counting, measurement, temperature, position, among others. Because rhymes have rhythm, it encourages small children to memorize the words and movements associated  with the rhyme. It’s actually amazing the vast auditory memory skills kids have to be able to remember so many songs.

Its easy for them to lean these because nursery rhymes are usually very catchy, have simple and repeating vocabulary and the words paint a picture with fanciful stories that are fun to remember and repeat. Because they are thinking about the story, rhymes actually help these kids expand their imaginations.  Its really the beginning of learning storytelling and playing make-believe.

My two year old is learning to count, her abcs and basic spanish via exposure to nursery rhymes. She loves to learn them initially and then even as she plays independently, I hear her singing the songs to herself.  Though there are a lot of options out there to choose from, we tend to stick to the nursery rhymes that teach something specific.

Even just reading to them, focusing on rhyming can help toddlers begin to remember sight words, assisting in the enhancement of their language skills.

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