On Taking a Break

My son has been asking for a sibling since he could say the words. After trying for many years, we were ecstatic when we got pregnant.  No one was more excited than my son. He didn’t care about a boy or a girl. He just knew he would be a big brother. The best one ever.

As the pregnancy progressed and I got bigger and more uncomfortable, our homeschool activities slowly dissipated until one morning, I cracked open the daily planner which had been my diary of sorts on all our lessons. I realized I had not written in it for a month, as maybe the half a dozen lessons we had managed had been fly by night, unplanned, harried, sometimes truly dismal.

I berated myself for letting things slip. I bemoaned how far behind my son must have fallen in our curriculum. How much we would have to do to catch up, which I began to plan fervently as my back ached and my son looked on, worried that his ‘vacation’ was coming to a swift end.

For a week, I tortured us. My son was weepy and ill tempered as he endured our suddenly rigid schedule. One morning, I heard myself say,” I’m doing this for us” and I realized none of it was good for us. I had turned our homeschool into the most rigid unforgiving environment. Wasn’t this supposed to be joyful?

We didn’t have to do anything but go with the flow. So we took a break. We concentrated on preparations for the baby. And without a schedule, we began to feel like learning was fun again. Though we were officially on break, without any prompt from me, my son began to read fat books with actual chapters! And he spent time talking to the belly so that his little sister knew the sound of her big brother’s voice before anything else.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By jimmiehomeschoolmom

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