Online ‘Homeschool’

One thing I researched when we first started homeschooling was the online option. My son loved being on the computer so I thought it was a good option.

Imagine, for most of these online schools, a set curriculum to follow, a loaner laptop or PC, Internet connection full or partial reimbursement, very limited and specific involvement for parents except general overview to ensure everything is moving as expected, no or very small fees,and a certified teacher to call with questions if needed. Sounds like a dream come true, huh?

What I found on the flip side was children must log on a certain number of hours a day and week. The work seems to be almost entirely on the computer with some research time in library. Standardized prep and testing appears rigorous. I spoke to one teen who has been homeschooling online with Connections Academy for two years and his comment was that it’s was ok overall but being on the computer was sometimes too much. He said it’s really public school at home.

I was surprised that there are so many free online homeschool options, such as below, which Canberra googled easily by name:




-Connections Academy

-Stanford University

-Community Colleges in some states offer free or reduced rate for high school students

After doing the research I realized it was not for my then six year old. Too regimented for the flexible routine we were enjoying and as parents we have very little choice or input into the curriculum  However, it is possible, if we want, a few years from now.  As a teen, my son may want something different that is ‘school’ like, who knows?

Article By Nuria Almeida

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