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If you’re like me, your children might be even more computer-savvy than you are. If I run into a computer glitch, I call on my 13-year-old to help me figure it out. In this age of technology, there is so much available for children, from games and coloring pages to educational programs to social sites. Many children’s resources have also been produced digitally — including children’s magazines. Some are free, some are available by subscription, some directly online, and others as downloadable files. Most contain original stories, articles, and activities just for kids.

If your children enjoy using the computer, but you want to cut down on time spent playing video games, these online magazines are a great alternative and are worth looking through. Here are a few of them:  This is a brand new free magazine for children ages 2-12 featuring games, stories, freebies, and more. – Featuring stories, articles, poems, crafts, and recipes, this magazine can be accessed for free during the publication month. PDF files of the current issue can be purchased for 99 cents, and past issues can be ordered for $3.99. – Another new magazine that debuted in 2010, Bumples is an interactive magazine with games and activities included as part of the stories. A nonfiction section adds an educational aspect to this magazine as well. You can purchase a subscription to the magazine from the website.

Amazing-Kids.orgAmazing Kids! is a free online magazine produced by the nonprofit charitable organization with the same name, a group dedicated to inspiring excellence in children. Written by kids for kids, the magazine features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, and artwork.

Wayback – Published by PBS, this online American history publication features articles, interviews, and activities.

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