Organizing Field Trips

We are part of various homeschool groups.  As active members, we are expected to plan educational field trips for everyone in the group. Coordinating a successful field trip for a large group can be daunting.  A field trip that supplements homeschooling academics while providing an outlet for our kids to socialize is harder than it seems. Advance planning goes a long way to ensure these goals.

First, choose a field trip of interest to the group and gauge interest. Do some research first to get some really good ideas. Then, find out and determine all the basic information from the venue, such as length of tour, guided or not, group size and ages allowed, number of adults allowed, stroller accessibility and picnic facilities available.  Then poll interested families on a good day and time, check the group site calendar for any conflicts and post all final event details, including: When and where (date, time, name of location, address and directions), Who ( ages), What (description of field trip or activity), What to bring, Cost and how to pay, RSVP (deadline, and who to RSVP to). Once RSVP deadline is reached, call venue to let them know how many people are expected to participate.

Lastly, have a list of names and phone numbers of those who plan to attend, arrive 15 minutes early, be ready to organize the group by introducing everyone to each other and after, send a “thank you” to the guide or locale from the group.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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