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The area where we live has lots of homeschoolers. Some parents teach all the lessons themselves, some have their children participate in co-ops, and others use online programs. However it’s done, there’s usually some time during the traditional school day when families have to run errands. It’s no surprise anymore to see kids out and about during school hours. But as a homeschooler, you might still get a question or two.

Questions During School Day

Sometimes when we’re in the store, another customer will glance our way.  They’ll look at the kids for a minute and try to decide what grade they are in. Sometimes they just ask the children themselves. (The embarrassing part is if my kids don’t know!) Then they might ask if it’s a school holiday. “No,” I reply, “we homeschool.”

Sometimes I feel the need to explain a little further. I might add, “We studied about such and such today,” or “They’ve already finished most of their work.” Sometimes the person asks me questions, so I answer as best I can. I tell them how much the kids are learning, how they have more free time to pursue other interests, and how much we enjoy the time together. Sometimes the person tells me about someone else they know who is homeschooling, and we compare notes on how things are going.

Questionable Looks During School Day

Although I have received some questionable looks, I have never had any negative conversations. If you’re out with your children and someone is wondering why, don’t hesitate to tell them. Perhaps they don’t know much about homeschooling or how it works. Maybe they don’t know about all the schooling options these days. They may not know about the benefits to learning at home.

When you meet that person in the store, don’t feel offended or defensive; remember that homeschooling may not be an option they have ever considered. But with some information from you and a friendly conversation with your well-adjusted children, it might be something they look into for their own families.

Have you ever had a less-than-favorable experience in public during school day?

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