Overcoming the Winter Blahs

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My family is ready for spring. This winter has been a very cold and wet one in our part of the country, with quite a few “wintery mixes” coming through — not nice, soft, fluffy snow you can play in, but combinations of rain and sleet and ice. The temperatures have been too cold to enjoy playing outside — we’re on the lookout for warmer weather.

What’s a homeschooler to do when the weather is keeping you indoors all day? If your children are growing restless, here are a few ideas that might help:

1. Plan an indoor picnic.  Help your children find easy recipes for dishes they can make, or have them put together some things using just what you have. Provide them with plastic knives to cut up bananas or cheese; bake some cookies or other treat. Spread out a tablecloth in your living room, and enjoy!

2. Make something out of playdough. Get out cookie cutters, plastic utensils, and other kitchen gadgets, and see what your children can come up with. They can even create characters and take turns using them in a story.

4.  Act out a fairy tale, or create a play of your own. If you have a video camera, record the play and have everyone watch it together when it’s finished. Older students enjoy being the videographer.

5. Read a book together. Find some cozy blankets, get some hot cocoa, and snuggle up with a good book.

6. Create your own comic strip. On a sheet of plain white paper, draw several horizontal and vertical lines on the paper to form squares. Have your children fill in the squares with the adventures of their own cartoon characters.

7. Use dry beans and noodles to create an original mosaic. Glue the objects on a piece of cardstock or poster board. Use white glue to create interesting designs.

8. Make a collage of “favorite things.” Provide your students with old magazines and scissors, and have them cut out pictures of the things they like the best. Show them different ways they can arrange them on the paper, including overlapping some of the photos. Glue the pictures using a glue stick.

9. Make plans for spring! Decide the activities your family will be doing this spring. Will you be planting a garden? Taking a trip? Working on projects around the house? Write down your goals and what you all need to do to reach them.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

Photo from Indy Kethdy

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