Physical Education for Homeschoolers

Physical Education for Homeschoolers

I remember physical education class in elementary school, though it was so long ago! It involved jumping jacks, relay races, and kickball. While your child can do jumping jacks on his own, relay races and kickball are team activities. Even with a big family, it’s often difficult for homeschoolers to participate traditional PE activities.

But homeschooled children can have school days complete with physical activity. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Sports Teams – Our area has Little League, YMCA teams, and Upward sports teams that students can get involved in. Soccer, baseball, and basketball programs are easy to find and cost about $100 to join for the season.

There are also sports that can be done alone or with just one other person. Singular sports – activities such as tennis, ice skating, swimming, or gymnastics – can be done with just the instructor and provide good workouts for the kids.

Other Activities

Remember, PE doesn’t mean your child has to play a sport. Just get him moving! Roller skating, horseback riding, bicycling, hiking, jumping rope, jumping on a trampoline, playing Frisbee, taking a brisk walk with the family — all of these are PE activities!

Start Your Own PE Class

You might also consider starting your own program. When my oldest was in elementary school, we had a friend who used to be a soccer coach at a local high school. He agreed to help us start our own PE program. A group of us got together, and we met two afternoons a week at a local park. The coach organized the activities, and the moms helped in directing them. The kids played basketball, kickball, dodgeball, ran relays, did jumping jacks — it was just like the PE class I remembered!

But you don’t need an official coach. If you have a homeschooling parent who’s interested in exercising and being active, he or she can help you put together a plan and get it started.

What are some ways you’ve incorporated PE into your school year?

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