Playing Catch

Eye hand coordination is a big deal. Learning how to catch is a big milestone for kids.  My family put a lot of effort in teaching this skill to my son.  Now its my daughter’s turn.

Playing Catch

It doesn’t have to be stressful or hard.  In fact, it can be a really fun and fulfilling experience. All you need is a soft light ball, like a small beach ball and a large area free breakable things.

The with a small distance between you and the child.  Using a fun voice slowly guide him to catch. By watching you catch the ball he will learn to mimic what he sees.

First advice is always keep an eye on the ball.  This is easier said than done since most kids will have a hard time concentrating.  So point out the ball and act excited.  Your enthusiasm will be the catalyst to ensuring your child learns. After you have shown the ball, then bounce the ball lightly at his chest.

Be his cheerleader even when he doesn’t catch it and use a high pitched voice. Never yell at him or put him down.  What may simple to you is monumental to him.  Once he has the ball ask him to throw it to you as you hold out your arms. When he first throws it it will be off course.  Slowly after several tries, he aim will improve. It will take many games of catch before he will be able to catch what you throw. Therefore its really important to play catch as often as possible to develop and sharpen the skill.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Tom Rydquist

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