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All of my children have played soccer sometime during their elementary years. Sometimes it was through our local YMCA; other times it was with organizations such as Upward Sports. For a while, two of my children even played on teams that were put together by a coach in our area who wanted to work with homeschooled students.

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Playing Soccer & Learning Life Skills

Although becoming involved in soccer does require a time commitment and often a financial one as well, there are so many good lessons children can learn when they participate, even at a very young age. Here are some ways soccer has helped my children grow:

Playing soccer helps kids learn to persevere.  While the skills used in soccer come easily for some children, others have to keep trying week after week. But those children learn to push through until they’ve mastered dribbling, shooting, passing, and receiving. In this way, playing soccer also helps build self-confidence.

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When playing soccer, children also begin to understand the value of good sportsmanship.  While they can be excited about winning a game, they learn not to gloat; likewise, when they lose, they learn to handle disappointment in a healthy way. They become better-equipped to deal with real-life situations.

When children become part of a soccer team, they will become more active. Practices and games keep them running, kicking, and moving. Their physical fitness levels naturally increase.

Becoming part of a soccer team helps foster new friendships.  Some of my children’s oldest friends are ones they met on the soccer field when they were seven, eight, and nine years old.

Soccer also provides an invaluable opportunity for parents to spend time with their children, as it’s an easy sport for families to practice at home.  Parents can run drills with their children, kicking the back and forth across the yard. They can play a game, making either the child or the parent the goalie.  Siblings can join in the fun, too. Every time one of my children played soccer on a team, we all played soccer at home.

What are some ways your children have benefited from playing soccer?


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