Politics and Your Child

The presidential election news is everywhere, sometimes in heated words and arguments about health care, economy, jobs, the war abroad among other hot topics.

My son has been asking lots of questions.  His friends make comments they hear their parents make so it’s no wonder he is mostly confused.


I appreciate he is thinking about national issues and how they affect us. I have been making an effort to talk with him to make sure he’s got facts for all sides – ultimately, these discussions help him sharpen his  develop critical thinking skills.


I love that he is also showing interest in my beliefs; it feels like we are getting to know each other on a different level. He gets to then tell me his thoughts. In a way, he’s learning who he is too.


It’s also imperative that it’s ok if we disagree. These discussions give each of us a chance to discuss our platforms. Secretly, I have visions of him on the debate team, excelling at discussion!


I also envision him voting, being truly an exceptional involved citizen.  I plan to take him with me into the voting booth on Election Day. First he gets to see the process with his own eyes but mostly I will do it to set a  positive example.  I want him to see I cherish my right to vote and hopefully he will too one day.


For more on voting and politics for kids, check out this site (http://www.takeyourkids2vote.org/).

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Chapendra

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