Project Based Learning

I read an article about a homeschooled teen who was part of Forbes most influential people list.  When asked how they homeschool, his father replied he homeschools his son using Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Of course my interested was piqued. What is this newfangled, obviously effective teaching method?  I urgently needed to find out! Turns out its been around for more than twenty years.


From my research, I found out a type of PBL is used by school teachers as a supplement. Really, homeschoolers use it without realizing it. If you have taken your child on a field trip to study nature or had him enter a project for a science fair or been involved in anything where studying and interacting with the environment, you have been teaching with PBL.


I like my methods detailed and specific, so here is what PBL entails:


-First, a problem or challenge without a predetermined solution is presented and chosen by the student -The student sets out to figure out the process to reach a solution -The student is responsible for  making the decisions that will lead to a solution -The student accesses and manages all the information they gather -The process, data and decisions are evaluated constantly throughout the project -The student is expected to question his actions an decisions and solve problems on his own as they emerge -The learning environment is accepting and allows for freedom to change or to make mistakes- there is no penalizing or judgement -The solution or finished product can be abstract or material and is presented for  evaluation


Tablets like the Ipad are excellent for PBL.  Check this out.


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