Publication Opportunities for Kids

Publications for KidsOne way to encourage children to write or draw is to submit their work for publication. There are several magazines, both online and in print, that publish stories or pictures created by children. Here are a few of them:

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a print magazine ( that publishes only writing and artwork by children ages 8 to 13. Stories, poems, book reviews, and artwork may be submitted for consideration. Contributors whose work is accepted to the magazine receive two complimentary copies, a certificate, and payment for their work.

Highlights for Children

Highlights ( includes a section called “Our Own Pages” in which children’s artwork and poems are published. Check the magazine for details. You can often find the magazine at your local library or order a subscription online.

The Cricket Magazine Group

The Cricket Magazine Group includes titles such as Ladybug, Spider, and Cicada. The group posts monthly contests for children and publishes the winning writing or art on their website at

The History Tree

The History Tree (, an online history and genealogy magazine for children, is debuting this fall. The first issue will be released in September 2009. The magazine is accepting both articles and artwork from children.

Something Real

Something Real online magazine ( accepts submissions from children. They can send in short stories, journal entries, letters, poems, drawings, photographs, cartoons, and word games.


Zuzu is another online magazine ( made up of children’s art and writing. Submission guidelines can be found under the link marked “More.”

Be sure to check with your local newspapers and magazines as well. Often smaller papers will include a section where students can submit their artwork or poetry.

Opportunities for children to see their work in print can be both exciting and rewarding, all the while encouraging children to keep creating.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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Stone Soup

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