Put Down the Smart Phone

Nowadays it’s so easy to capture every little special moment.  Most of us have our smart phone on our person at all times, providing video, photography, audio and other types of ways to capture those moments.

It is easy to do this so we do, but looking around a playground it’s easy to see how this can be detrimental to our kids, our families and ourselves. Parents are not looking at their kids, but at their phones instead.  The eye connection, the shared laughter is rare.


I find when I look at pictures I have taken, I don’t remember the event or how it felt. All that I had hoped for was a picture would convey the feeling of the moment, capture what made it special. However, more and more all I feel is disconnected. And I can tell I’m not alone.


There is a movement in the parent community to strive to remain connected. To stay in the moment, capture the feeling of the moment not with a camera but with our hearts and minds. In essence, we must create memories without the aid of an artificial device.  That means ‘snapping’ the picture with our eyes and storing it in our minds.


By staying present and putting down our phones, we can connect to our children and our community on a deeper, more real level.


By staying present and putting down our phones, we are letting our children know their time, indeed, they, are more important.


Time is fleeting- live it!


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Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Incase.

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