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March 21 is often regarded as the official first day of spring, but around our house, we’ve had spring fever for quite some time. The days are finally warm, and it’s almost time to pull out the summer clothes. It’s also a great time to read stories about spring. Here are a few you might want to check out from your local library:

It’s Spring by Linda Glaser is one of a four-part series of books about the seasons. In this book, a young boy observes the signs of spring, including spotting songbirds and watching sunsets after dinner. At the end of the book, you’ll find a list of springtime activities you can do with your children.

Hurray for Spring by Patricia Hubbell also follows the springtime adventures of a young boy, including swinging, playing in puddles, and observing the smallest creatures such as worms and ants.

Splish Splash Spring by Jan Carr is another picture book featuring things to discover in the spring, as it describes the children’s activities after a rainstorm.

Spring Things by Bob Raczka also describes springtime fun. Spring ends in “ing,” and so do all the things that happen in the spring, such as “melting” and “buzzing.” This book doesn’t have a lot of text, but it does have a lot of verbs — a good supplement to that grammar lesson!

How Robin Saved Spring by Debbie Ouellet is a fictional book about spring that those still experiencing winter might enjoy. In this folktale, Lady Winter wants the world to stay covered in ice and snow, keeping Sister Spring asleep forever. It’s up to the animals to figure out a way to wake her.

If you’re experiencing sunny, warm days where you live, be sure to take advantage of the good weather. Grab a book, find a shady tree outside, and enjoy an afternoon of reading with your child!

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