Recycled Crafts : How to Inspire Your Children to Recycle

recycled craftsOne of my daughters loves to make crafts, and in her free time she creates all kinds of interesting things. We have a large box of craft items that she chooses from, but sometimes she prefers to use recycle-able items she finds around the house, such as empty jars, paper towel tubes, and plastic bottles. To help her with ideas, we checked out the book Recycled Craft Box by Laura C. Martin from the library.

If your family doesn’t recycle, this book will help get you started. The introduction contains information about garbage, where it goes, and what happens to it after it’s buried. Each chapter also begins with information about recycling a particular product, such as paper, plastic, metal, or fabric. The author then provides ideas for crafts you can make using these same products. For example, the section about paper includes milk carton cottages, cardboard castles, a shoebox treasure chest, and paper bead bracelets, while the section about plastic features yogurt cup dolls, soap lid maracas, and plastic jar drums. The final section of the book contains a glossary of recycling terms as well as websites you can visit with your child.

If your child enjoys reading Recycled Craft Box, search your local library for other craft books that also use recycled items. Some of these include:

Earth-Friendly Crafts: Clever Ways to Reuse Everyday Items by Kathy Ross and Celine Malepart

Look What You Can Make With Dozens of Household Items!: Over 500 Pictured Crafts and Dozens of More Ideas! by Kathy Ross and Hank Schneider

Awesome Things to Make with Recycled Stuff by Joe Rhatigan and Heather Smith

Gorgeous Gifts: Use Recycled Materials to Make Cool Crafts by Rebecca Craig

Dream Bedroom: Use Recycled Materials to Make Cool Crafts by Rebecca Craig

With so many resources, all you need to do is get your children to start recycling — and creating!

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  1. Hey, i am a teenager (15) and i love making recycled crafts! They tend to make averything a little more interesting arty! My fave projects so far have been aluminium can jewelery, keyboard jewelery, rag rugs and a stool i made netirely from rolled up newspaper!

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