Regrow Food

There are so many foods which can be regrown from scraps. This is a fun homeschool project for the kids.  We play it like a guessing game.  As I make dinner, we discuss which foods may regrow and then we attempt it.

Regrow Food

For example, potatoes sprout roots in the cupboard, so they can be planted to yield new potatoes. We could also yield a potato plant by hanging the potato over water to feed the sprouting roots.

Another great one we have practiced with is green onions. Simply put the white part out in a glass with a little water.  Eventually, a new green shoot comes in. Make sure to change the water or it will get slimy and prohibit growth.

We found if we planted a nub of ginger underground. However it only worked outside in a very sunny and warm location. We failed several times before we got it right. This particular effort taught us a lot about what root vegetables are.

We found we could regrow celery from the bottom part of the stalk.  This is the part at the base of the stalk, which connects all the celery sticks.

A fun and lengthy one is  regrowing a pineapple. Plant the top or crown but be warned it takes approximately two years to grow one small pineapple. When it grows, you can see the pineapple sprouting from the crown itself.

A half of sweet potato in water will sprout and can then be planted.

The last one we tried was planting the tops of carrots.  The kids were amazed when whole carrots came out of the dirt.

The trick I have noticed is to make each of these a discovery.  If I said hey these foods can be regrown my kids would not be interested.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Wally Hartshorn

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