Religions of the World

Social studies has not been a steady or main focus in our homeschooling. It’s always been pushed to the side in preference of more “fun” subjects like science or reading.

However, my son asked me about world religions the other day. He made a friend whose family is Buddhist, so his interest was piqued.

The main areas of review for this study unit are:

-what is religion?

-what is spirituality?

-what is worship?

-what are the different world religions?

-how does religion impact society?

-how does religion define codes of behavior?

-how is it different for different people and cultures?

-how has religion molded history?

-how is religion celebrated?

-do all religions worship a supreme being?

-do all religions follow a religious text?

-how is religion represented in numbers in the world?

Our discussions were driven by lots of books from the library, some online videos on indigenous traditions of certain geographical areas, a visit to local houses of worship, interviews with three different religious representatives and a drawing and craft project depicting different religious celebrations and traditions.

What I noticed had the most impact on his retaining this new knowledge was the interviews. The passionate way these representatives spoke about their belief made an impact on my son. While we worked on an art piece for this unit, he commented that each of the people we spoke with was certain their religion was the only right way.  I know a study unit is a success if my son is musing about it without prompt.

For lesson plans and information visit Social Studies for Kids.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By  Eustaquio Santimano

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