Reorganizing for the New Year

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The New Year is often a time for a fresh start, and for me that includes a fresh start with homeschooling. Our weeks surrounding the holidays are usually filled with special activities, trips, and get-togethers, so the week after Christmas is a good time to regroup and reorganize. If you’re getting back to lesson planning this week, there are lots of good sites on the Internet to help get you started. Here are a few of them: has a homeschooling section under the “Family Ties” link. There you’ll find ideas for time management, home management, and storage strategies, all designed for homeschooling families. offers articles about time management and organization for homeschoolers. Here you’ll read tips for creating a home environment that will work for your homeschool rather than one that could be featured in a decorating magazine. is a site that covers many topics related to the home, including homeschooling. Under the “Clean and Organized” section, you’ll find articles to help you get things at home back under control after the holidays. is a site that covers many homeschooling-related topics, including organization. There are tips for organizing your time, your lesson plans, your records, and more.

Do you need more ideas? Since this time of year is often a “new start” for many people, ask your homeschooling friends or support group members what changes they’ll be making in the next week or two. What was their most successful endeavor, and what didn’t work out so well? Did their homeschooling schedule flow smoothly, and if not, how will they restructure it? Are there any classes or activities that might work better in a group setting? Could you work together to organize such a class in the spring?

A new year is full of new possibilities — especially for homeschoolers!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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