My son has inherited both his father’s and my right-brainy-ness. He is a creative soul who creates constantly, both literally and figuratively.  He loves to tell stories most of all, in which he’s the hero. He uses anything new he’s learned to fill his stories each time more magnificently than the last.

The first and only parent- teacher conference I ever attended, the teacher began the meeting with a compliment. “Your son is a very sweet little boy…” and then, “but he is too creative”. She went on to say he needed to learn to squash this because it was disruptive to the class. His story telling had reached unmanageable heights and though he was encouraged to draw what he was told to draw, he had difficulty following that simple request. Furthermore, he refused to color within the confines of the lines provided. This was kindergarten.  I wondered, if he can’t be creative here, then where?

Years have passed since that conference. Years of freedom for my child to tell stories galore to anyone who will listen. To now writing his stories down in a notebook. Years in which I have done everything in my power to help him develop his right-brain so he can really tap into his innate talents.

When I have shared this with others, including other homeschool moms, they impress upon me that I should be helping him develop his left-brain. Focus on math, analysis they advice. I disagree. He will learn those things that are necessary but he will excel at what is natural ability for him. Why do anything unless you love it? There is enough musts in life, I say.

Tips on developing right-brainy-ness:

– move your body in interesting ways- dance, mimic, do stretches

– write with your toes and your non-dominant hand

– surround your senses with new textures, scents, sounds, tastes and sights

– laugh loudly

– make things with your hands

– finger-paint- its not just for babies

– run fast, run long especially  in wide open spaces

– sit still and listen quietly wether in nature or a crowded room

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By SuperFantastic

Homeschooling Reading Curriculum by SmartTutor.com

Story Time – Stories for Kids

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