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roadschoolingLast fall, I received an email from our local homeschooling email loop about the Loud family, a family of six people that sold everything they had and purchased an RV. They went from living in a 3500-square foot home to a 300-square foot living space and began traveling the country with their three dogs and a hamster. Because they move from place to place, their children can’t attend a traditional school; instead, they “roadschool” — homeschooling as they go.

Roadschooling is a homeschooling alternative in which the family travels together to visit the sites they study and experience everything first-hand. While parents must register their children as homeschoolers with their “home” state, the family is free to go from place to place, utilizing the resources available in each state. Lessons, then, are designed with the environment in mind. is one website that features roadschooling families. For those interested in a life on the road, this site is a good place to start. Here you’ll find articles about the logistics of roadschooling: how to obtain books, how to receive mail and use the Internet, how to travel in an RV with children and babies, how teens find jobs when on the road, how to maintain old and new friendships, and much more. You can also find pages featuring families that are currently on the road. A forum is available to help you connect with others who are traveling.

I can’t imagine that we would ever sell everything to travel full time; our home has a lot of family history. We are settled into the community and my husband into his work. But who knows? Roadschooling seems like the adventure of a lifetime — one that you can share with all of your children, no matter what age they are!

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