Rory’s Story Cubes

I love yard sales; when I go to a sale, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a friend’s yard sale where I found a game that I had never seen before. It’s called Rory’s Story Cubes, and it has been a great addition to our school days!

The game consists of nine dice-sized cubes; each side of the cubes has a different picture or symbol on it. The pictures include things like an apple, a rainbow, a lock, a hand, a lightning bolt, a clock, a tree, and a light bulb. All together, there are 54 different items.

The way you play the game depends on you! We’ve used them in several ways:

A couple of years ago, my youngest had a speech class to help him with his stuttering. When he finished the class, his speech was very smooth, but over the last year or so, he’s begun to stutter again when he’s excited or in a hurry to tell me something. We’ve used the cubes to help with his speaking skills; he rolls all nine, then tells me a story using each cube at least once.

We’ve also used it for writing ideas. When my son can’t think of anything to write in his journal, he rolls the cubes and writes a story with what turns up. It’s been interesting to see how he uses the symbols to express different things. For example, the light bulb might be a light in a room or an idea. An arrow might be a weapon or a direction someone is going. The picture of an eye might represent an actual eye or someone seeing something.

I’ve just been using the cubes with one child, but they could easily be used when working with two children, three children, or even a whole group. You can divide the cubes among the children and have them take turns rolling them and adding to the story. With older students, you can work on incorporating clear plots and character development into the stories they create.

Rory’s Story Cubes are available in the original set as well as the “Actions” set and the “Voyages” set. My son can’t wait to order them and see how far his stories can go!

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