Schooling During Spring Break

If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself a little behind in your school calendar, you might choose to have your students continue working through Spring Break. It can be difficult to do, though, if friends or family members have the time off and want to get together. You can make Spring Break both fun and educational, however. Here are a few ideas:

Schedule field trips that you can do with friends or family. Visit your local fire department or police station. Often places of business such as grocery stores or pet stores will give tours. You might also visit the zoo, the science center, or historical sites around your town.

Attend a cultural event, such as a play, concert, or musical. Research the subject or music before going, so your children will be familiar with it before attending.

Spend some time outside in the beautiful weather. Purchase a sketchbook for each child, or have your students make their own by stapling together several sheets of blank paper. Take the books outside on a nature walk and see what you can discover. Encourage them to also write in their nature journals; a favorite poem or saying makes a great addition. Be sure to make a journal for yourself as well.

Plan a picnic, but leave it to the children to prepare the food. Help them find recipes that are kid-friendly to make. Take them to the store and show them how to find the items, and bring a calculator along so they can add up the prices as they go. Teach them how to chop, measure, mix, and serve it to family and friends.

By incorporating just a few hands-on learning activities, you’ll find Spring Break can be one of your favorite teaching times of the year!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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