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Homeschool Holidays

We have a hard time getting schooling done during the holidays — there are so many enjoyable distractions that it’s difficult for me to focus on math and reading lessons, let alone my children. If you’re struggling with getting your students on task this time of year, here are a couple of things you might try:

Create a winter or holiday unit study

Put aside the workbooks for a season and instead work together on a winter or holiday unit study. You might focus on some aspect of nature, such as what animals do in the winter. Perhaps you want to do a study on winter backyard birds; you can include activities such as making bird feeders and journaling about the birds you see out your window. A holiday unit study might focus on how the season is celebrated around the world. Activities can include map work, cooking, and making cards or decorations.

Use the time to sharpen skills

If reading skills or math facts need more practice, the holidays are a good time to do just that. Set aside the regular lessons so you have time to focus on these skills, then pick up with the lessons again in the new year.

Focus on service projects

If your school year is busy with academic studies, you can use the holidays to work on one or more service projects as a family. You might inquire around your community about organizations that need extra help, or you can develop a project of your own. Together you can plan, implement, and see the project through to completion. Have your students record and chronicle your progress as you go along. You might even want to ask other homeschooling families to join you.

Attend cultural events

The holidays are an ideal time to attend cultural events, such as plays, ballets, and concerts. Do some research together before you go; you may even be able to find study or activity guides online. Have your students create posters or lapbooks about what they learned.

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